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This weekly newsletter shines a long-neglected light on older women and their experiences and amplifies the voices of older women working to be the change they want to see in the world, creating a “SheChange” wherever they go! From the Nonna in her kitchen to the courageous mothers demanding answers about their disappeared children in Argentina, older women are at the heart of families and on the frontlines of the fight for justice the world over. Wisdom is found at work the world over. And as Betty Friedan once said “Ageing is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”

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Over 90,000 people have disappeared in Mexico since the government began its war on the drug cartels – most of them young men, many of them not involved in the drug trade at all, just ‘collateral damage’. And it’s not just the drug dealers involved in these violent deaths and disappearances – Mexico’s military and police have also been implicated.

So when Mirna Nereida Medina Quiñones’ 21-year old son was abducted off the street and authorities weren’t making any effort to investigate, she knew what she had to do. She took a shovel and an axe, and went to the fields on the fringes of her town where bodies had been found before to look for him.

Soon other mothers joined her, searching for their own lost children, and eventually Mirna Medina formed Rastreadoras del Fuerte (Trackers of El Fuerte). The group now consists of about 300 families, who go into the mountains and outskirts weekly to search for the remains – they call whatever they manage to find tesoros (treasures) –  of their loved ones.

Mirna Medina is one of the ‘lucky’ ones – she found her son’s remains two years after she began her search, and was able to bury him with dignity. But there are still many missing, and she still goes out every week alongside the other members, with shovels and hope, looking for the remains of their missing sons and daughters.